Dibujar tiene que ver con olvidar. Drawing has to do with forgetting.Dani

Drawings selection, pencil, markers and acrylics paints on paper and digital illustrations, 2003 — ongoing

Thrusting open the crack in our soul, drawing to get down to the bottom of things and to silently dialogue, even with Martians.

Our form of resistance, one drawing at a time.


Spazio Bianco e NOPX
Torino 2013
Commissioned by Wild Flowers Festival/Elyron
ContemporaryArt Torino interview, video, Italy 2013


Design X
Sinni, Gianni, curated by. Macerata: Quodlibet/UNIRSM Design, 2016, ISBN 978-88-2290-008-1

Le Ragioni del Design
Bassi, Alberto and Fiorella Bulegato. Milano: Franco Angeli/Università di San Marino, 2014, ISBN 978-88-9170-508-2

Punkie Totalista
Fupete. Barcelona: ROJO/Sintonison, 2008, ISBN 978-84-6121-408-2

Animal Collective
Fupete and Jacklamotta. Roma: Drago, 2008, EAN 978-88-8849-323-7

Penso, drawing, pencil on paper, 2012
Vicini al confine, drawing, pencil on paper, 2012



Andrò nello spazio, digital illustration, 2012

Ho sempre sognato di andare nello spazio, drawing, markers and pencil on paper, 2012



Drawing the essential, that which is invisible before the eyes of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: thoughts, equilibriums, connections and imagined universes scratched onto paper. Naked men frolicking in the clouds. Lapis, colors, blood and black cats. Headless dogs while the city-world burns.


Dialogue, confrontation, introspection. Secular prayers launched into the universe inside a spacecraft. Visual poetry in the interstices. Black, red, white.


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